About Hero versus Heroin

Why was Hero versus Heroin written?

Two brothers addicted to methamphetamine served their prison sentences. One redeemed himself and became a champion in America’s most popular sport. The other became a heroin statistic.

When their mother, Rori O’Hara, met Ryan’s friends after he died, she prayed, “Please, God, help me help the likes of them!” They are the growing number who, in a desperate attempt to soothe their emotions, play the endgame of heroin.

O’Hara was compelled to investigate the common barriers—and pathways—to successful living. She shares what she learned about how people create a good life even against all odds. Her multigenerational stories illustrate practices by institutions and authorities that experts say cause emotional distress that fuels addiction, faulty relationships and regrettable life outcomes; distress that puts even the youngest of children at risk.

Her research (240 citations in the book) supports her convictions about what is really to blame for the heroin epidemic, and how we–every one of us–can act to disrupt it. She says it’s important that we do, because heroin addiction isn’t the only poor outcome caused by common practices in education, medicine and politics.

As for heroin addiction specifically, she reveals how our institutions thwart best practices for prevention and rehabilitation.

What Makes a Difference in a Life?

O’Hara compares the modicum of positive support her son Jack received to the untenable environment she believes precluded Ryan’s recovery. She learned how two supportive methods led Jack to create a successful and purpose-filled life that includes having become a regional NASCAR champion and a hero to many, including her.

She took her discoveries and refined Jack’s and others’ methods for success into the three synchronistic systems she practices and teaches today. Her Systems are described in the book, and you can find her (inexpensive) online course here: 3 Systems for Successful Life Outcomes.

Read this book and learn what Rori O’Hara learned about how people create a good life even against all odds.

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